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Switchgear and Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

BBE is a professional electrical equipment manufacturer in China. We have more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing switchgear and circuit breaker. Our main products include gas insulated switchgear, withdrawable switchgear, vacuum circuit breaker, generator circuit breaker, and railway circuit breaker. High voltage vacuum contactor, gas insulated current transformer, metal oxide surge arrester, and insulation products are also available. The high voltage and low voltage electrical equipment BBE offers are widely applied in the substations and power plants as well as the steel, railway, shipbuilding, and other fields.Read More >>

    1. ZF4B-126 Gas Insulated Switchgear
    2. ZF4B-126 Gas Insulated Switchgear

      This gas insulated switchgear has an outstanding insulation performance. All the insulating devices are optimally designed. The three electrodes are arranged in a triangular style.

    1.  KYN28A-12 Withdrawable Switchgear
    2. KYN28A-12 Withdrawable Switchgear

      It is used for receiving and distributing electric power in the AC three-phase single-bus power systems with the rated voltage of 3.6 to 12 KV and the rated frequency of 50Hz.

    1. KYN18A-12 Withdrawable Switchgear
    2. KYN18A-12 Withdrawable Switchgear

      Compared with other similar products, our product adapts better to the harsh working environment and has a larger margin of safety.
      The combined structure of centralized-stand can be provided.

    1. ZW36A-126 Vacuum Circuit Breaker
    2. ZW36A-126 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

      There is no danger of explosion. The energy storage as well as opening and closing operations can be performed manually or electrically. The electrical operation can be controlled closely or remotely.

    1. ZN12-40.5 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
    2. ZN12-40.5 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

      Our product features simple structure, strong breaking ability, complete operating functions, long service life, no explosion hazard, and easy maintenance.

    1. ZN12-12 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
    2. ZN12-12 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

      This indoor vacuum circuit breaker is specially developed for the thermal power unit with the capacity over 300,000 kilowatts.
      It can be used in places with the altitude as high as 2,000 meters.